Bamboo Grove

Our mission is to thoughtfully consider the environmental impact of our operations, people and products on the environment and the communities where we live and work.

We advance our sustainability goals while continuing to focus on the needs of our customers. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to look for ways to minimize the company's footprint through sustainable business practices and to enable our customers to achieve their sustainability goals.

To continuously improve our sustainability, we focus on:

  • Enabling our customers to improve their products and processes by providing adhesive solutions that help them achieve their sustainability goals.
  • Optimizing our facilities’ operations and process efficiencies with environmental responsibility in mind.
  • Engaging our employees to be knowledgeable about and responsible for safety, wellness and reaching our sustainability targets. 

Find further information about H.B. Fuller’s commitment to sustainability, goals and metrics in our Global Responsibility Report. Find additional resources for Europe here

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